Jiangchun Trading Co., Ltd.

Jiangchun Trading Co., Ltd.

We would like to personally thank you for allowing Shanghai Jiangchun Trading Co., Ltd. to present our introduction, Jiangchun Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the bigger supplier and buyer of used machine in Shanghai, China.

We have a range of used construction equipment available. Everything from excavators, bulldozers, motor graders, Soil Compactors, wheel loaders and dumper trucks. We are also have great demand on used Excavator, bulldozer, loader, grader from all over the world.

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The excavator is one of the most versatile pieces of construction equipment. The different uses for the excavator include: digging, demolition, dredging, lifting and moving. Each year hundreds of used excavators are shipped to all regions of the world, especially Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East.
As for excavator, the most popular model range from Cat E70B,E120B,E200B, 320B, 320C, 320D, 336D, Komatsu PC35MR, 55MR, 60-7,78US, 120-6, 128US, PC200-6, PC220-6, PC220-7, PC300-7; Hitachi EX60, EX100, EX120, EX200, EX200-3, ZX200-6. Kobelco SK03, SK07, SK200-6, SK200-8;
As for the bulldozer, the popular model includes Cat D5C,D5G, D5K, D6D, D6G, D7G,D7H,D8K; Komatsu D65, D85-18, D155; Shantui SD13, SD16, SD22, SD32
As for the roller, the popular model includes Dynapac CA25D, 30D; Bomag BW202AD-2, BW219D-2, BW217D-2, Ingersoll rand SD100D, SD175D.
As for the grader, the popular model includes Cat 12G, 140G, 140H, 140K; Komatsu GD511A, GD611A-1
We also purchase and sell the wheel loader as below model, Cat 950C,966D, 966G, 966H; Komatsu WA320-1, 320-5, 380-3, 470-3.